MoDaCo CamerAware

Protect yourself against road enforcement cameras

By checking your position every second against a database of known cameras, CamerAware can help you be a safer driver, and of course help protect you against fines and penalty points for inadvertently speeding past a Camera.

How do I know if my particular device / Bluetooth configuration is supported?

The best way to be sure that your configuration is supported before purchasing the application is to try it! CamerAware can be downloaded and installed free of charge, allowing you to check that it connects to your GPS and runs correctly. When you are happy that this is the case, you can then purchase a serial number and activation code to enable alerting functionality.

With the base CamerAware download, you can connect to your GPS, see your speed and heading, and be sure that it is working correctly. You can also use the exciting personal tracking features in CamerAware.

Will CamerAware work with my navigation software?

CamerAware is designed to run as a standalone application, rather than to integrate or run alongside any navigation software. However, a number of members have reported that, as CamerAware takes advantage of the Windows Mobile 5 intermediary driver, the application runs happily alongside navigation software. Check out the support forum for more details. As the free install is fully functional from a GPS perspective, you are free to try it out!

MoDaCo CamerAware


MoDaCo CamerAware 2.061012